About Flex

RoadWarrior Flex is designed to easily create, dispatch, and log efficient Routes across multiple locations right from your browser. RoadWarrior’s smart algorithm creates Routes that account for real-time traffic, availability, and more.

RoadWarrior Flex accounts span from solo users to hundreds of Drivers, helping everyone from small businesses to large teams of professional couriers minimize time wasted on the road.

New Feature Highlights

Search, Optimize, and Assign

The basic steps to creating a Route now have a new home! Rather than being scattered all over the map, find all important steps in the header of the Planner.

Route Assignment Flow

Track Route assignment status with our new integrated user communication. When assigning a Route, Drivers will receive a ping on their mobile app showing that a new Route has been assigned. A Driver can accept or reject a Route.

Route assignment status will show as pending if no action has been taken or rejected if the user did not accept the Route. Accepted Routes will appear regularly assigned.

Panel Views

Team RoadWarrior's Planner now comes with multiple customizable panels to cycle between throughout your day. These panels are:

  • Map - view one Route at a time in map view, plus any Favorites and Tasks in the region

  • List - view one Route at a time as a list, with tabs including itinerary, Stops, Favorites, and Tasks

  • Pin - view the details of one Pin (Stop, Favorite, or Task) at a time in the side-panel

  • Status - view a summary of all currently open Routes and their assignment/completion statuses

While building out a Route in Planner, keep an eye on an in-progress Routes by enabling Status View.

Once your Drivers are all on the road, maximize Status View to easily keep your eye on progress throughout the day. View the specific number of completed check-ins by hovering over the Progress Bar of any Route.

Multi-Select and Lasso Tools

Multi-Select Mode and the Lasso Tool have consolidated into one toolbar--click the checkbox button at the top-right of Planner to get started. The same icon exists on every data view page for the same purpose.

Switch between Multi-Select Mode and Lasso Mode by clicking the Map Selection Tool. The icon will change from a mouse to a lasso depending on the current tool in use.

Planner Filtering

Planner Filtering and Data Layers have been consolidated into one simple button.

Choose the types of locations you would like to see, then apply a filter if you'd like to narrow down results further.

List Views

Sort Data Lists

We've introduced a host of new features to list views to make interacting with data a breeze. Start by sorting your list in nearly any order you'd like by hovering over a column header, then clicking the sort arrow.

Filter Data Lists

Quickly find the data you need by typing into the Filter Tool

Multi-Select Data Lists

Interact with multiple data items at once by using Multi-Select Mode. Just like with the Planner, activate this mode by clicking the check-box icon at the top of the page.

Our favorite tip--try opening multiple Routes at a time with the multi-open feature.

View Data Details

All screens are different! View data details in a side panel by clicking the detail arrow, or activate pop-ups instead for a more narrow-screen friendly display by double clicking any row.

History and Reporting Merge

History and Reporting have now been consolidated into one tab. To view history, head to the Reporting Tab, then select History at the top of the page.

Here, you can set custom date ranges, sort by column by clicking the header row, and download your results as a spreadsheet.

Toggle archived and deleted items on and off in the Settings menu.

Unassigned Stops > Tasks

Unassigned Stops have been renamed to Tasks, and can be viewed from the new Tasks tab. The tab will show a notification icon if there are incomplete Tasks in the queue.

Tasks, like Favorites, can now be viewed in the planner as their own layer alongside any Route. They are depicted as a circle with a check-mark.

Ready to Roll with RoadWarrior Flex?

Check out our Getting Started Guide to walk through your first Route, or sign up for RoadWarrior Flex here if you haven't already.