Have stops that you need to visit often? Want to keep track of your check-in history and notes for specific locations? Need to specify regular business hours? All of these are good reasons to use Favorites.

Favorites act as a sort of “home base” that you can quickly add to any Route by turning them into Stops.

Where can I find my Favorites?

Open the Favorites tab to view a list of all Favorites.

Open the preview panel to view a preview of any Favorites by selecting a Favorite or double clicking the row.

Favorites can now also be viewed in the Planner as their own layer alongside any Route. They are depicted as a star icon.

How to add Favorites

Search Mode

Select Search from the stepper to enable the search bar.

Type in the address you're looking for, and select the matching entry.

Select Add Favorite.

Spreadsheet Upload

Follow our Upload Tool guide for step-by-step instructions on bulk uploading Favorites--just select Upload to Favorites rather than New Route!

How to move/assign Favorites

With an active route open in Planner, enable Multi-Select Mode.

Choose Select Favorite Pins from the Select Mode options.

Select each of the Favorites you would like to add to your Route.

Select the Add to Route icon from the multi-select action options.