User Account Settings

All User account settings, including username and password, are managed by the Dispatcher through the User page of the web app.

Select the three vertical dot Action icon next to the User account you would like to manage, and Action options will appear. Find a list of these actions below:

Edit User

Choose to edit the following User information:

  • Name

  • Email

  • User Access Type (User Permissions)

  • User Image

Change Username

Easily change a User's username. This username is what a User will use to login and gain access to the mobile app or to the web app as a Dispatcher (restricted). Username must be at least 4 characters long.

Note: changing your User's username will log them out on next sync. Ensure your user isn't on a Route before proceeding.

Change Password

Change a User's password by typing in the new password and selecting Save.

Note: Changing your User's password will immediately log them out on any active devices. Ensure your Users don't have a route in-progress before changing their password.

Push Test

The push test is designed to help troubleshoot connection issues to the selected User's mobile device.

Select Ping to test the connection. This test will run in the background and may take several minutes.

You are able to continue working, a popup will appear at the bottom of your screen when the ping test is complete.

Replace User

Replacing a User is for when you want to keep the User account for future use, but need to swap the Name, Username, and Password all at once.

Select Replace User from the Action options for the Driver you want to replace Then, enter in the New User information.

Select Replace User to complete the process. This cannot be undone and will immediately log out the old user.

Note: This process allows you to avoid being charged immediately for adding a new User.

Delete User

Choose to delete a User to completely remove them from your account. This action cannot be undone.