Multi-Select & Lasso TOol

Looking to manipulate multiple locations or items at once? You can use Multi-Select Mode or the Lasso Tool.

Multi-Select Mode and the Lasso Tool have consolidated into one toolbar--click the checkbox button at the top-right of Planner to get started. The same icon exists on every data view page for the same purpose.

Enable Multi-Select mode by tapping the checkbox icon at the top-right of the Planner.

Choose a Select Mode.

Select Stop Pins.

Select Favorite Pins.

Select Tasks Pins.

Choose to either Click Pins or Lasso Pins.

Once your have made your selections, choose which Multi-Select Action to apply.

Multi-Select Actions


Select the Copy icon.

Note: only available for Stops.

Choose to Copy Stops to Another Route or Move Stops to Another Route.

Visit Time

Select the Visit Time icon.

Toggle Override Default.

Enter in the visit time (0-999).

Select Apply.


Select the Schedule icon.

Select + Use One-Time Schedule

Enter in desired schedule information.

Select Apply.

Change Color

Select the Color picker icon.

Select your desired color from the color picker.


Select the trashcan delete icon

Select yes to confirm deletion.