OnTrac Manifest Uploads

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully import your OnTrac manifests to RoadWarrior.

First, make sure you have signed up for a RoadWarrior Flex account. Create a Flex account here!

Next, you will need to have received your OnTrac username and password from your OnTrac Vendor Relations Representative. 

Login to the Flex web app and then follow the step by step instructions below. 

Select the Uploads tab from the left side navigation. 

Zoom in on the map to adjust the view so that it encompasses where your locations are located. This helps to improve accuracy. 

Select Next

If you do not see Get Manifest from OnTrac as an upload option, select the Settings gear icon at the top right for Upload Settings

Toggle on Show OnTrac Upload.

Select Save and Exit Upload Settings. 

Next, choose Get Manifest from OnTrac from the Upload Options. 

Select the pink Get Manifest from OnTrac button to continue. 

Enter in your OnTrac username and password that you receive from your Vendor Relations Representative. 

Select Login to OnTrac.

Select the checkmark next to each of the Facilities/Drivers you would like to import for. 

Choose Selection Complete to continue with your selection. 

Select the checkmark next to each of the Work Areas or Routes you would like to import. 

Choose Selection Complete to continue with your selection. 

Confirm and Complete your upload. 

Make sure each of the work areas or routes that you want to import to RoadWarrior are selected. 

View the pins on the map and double check all route information. 

Choose Complete Upload to finish the upload

Choose to view your locations or upload more. 

Each work area will upload as a separate Route, which you can then assign to your Drivers from the web app. 

Learn more about assigning routes to drivers here.