Getting Started

RoadWarrior Flex is designed with all types of users in mind--that's why we call it Flex! The guide below will walk a Dispatcher through creating a Route and dispatching it to a Driver from the Flex web app.

Prior to building and dispatching your first Route with Flex, you'll need to sign up and set up your RoadWarrior Flex profile.

To learn the basics of building & running a Route in the mobile app, check out our mobile support guide.

Create a Route

Map View

The Planner tab is the hub for creating, managing, and dispatching Routes. Access it from the Home Icon in the side menu at any time.

There will always be at least one open Route at a time. Closing the last remaining Route will open a menu where you can choose a different Route to open.

Stops as a Route Foundation

Stops are the foundation of every RoadWarrior Route. Each location should be added as a Stop, and will only exist on the Route you add it to.

This tutorial focuses on adding Stops with Search Mode, which you can activate by clicking Search. For a full list of ways to add Stops to your Route, click here.

Search Mode

Once you've entered Search Mode, start typing in your address. After 6 characters, close matching results will appear.

Select the correct option from the Drop-Down list, check the preview, and then click Add Stop to add the pin to your Route. You can also update your Start Point with this method.

*Note: RoadWarrior searches the visible area on your map first. If you aren't seeing the results you are looking for, try adjusting your viewport.

Dropping a Pin

If you're not sure of the address of a particular location, you can drop a pin at any place on the map by right-clicking on the screen.

The closer you are zoomed in, the more accurate the pin-drop will be.

Route Settings

RoadWarrior uses the Optimization settings that you set up during onboarding.

If you'd like to change the settings for a single Route:

  • Right-click the tab of the Route you'd like to edit

  • Click Edit Route

    • Note: you will need to Optimize the Route after the settings have been modified to see changes reflect in the Route

If you'd like to change your default settings:

  • Click the Settings tab at the left of your screen

  • Modify the Settings you hope to change

    • Note: any changes to Defaults will not change existing Routes

Ordering your Stops

Routes can be Optimized by our algorithm, or you can manually set the order.

To Optimize:

  • Click Order at the top of your map

  • Click Optimize and RoadWarrior will create the optimal Route using your default settings

To Manually Order:

  • Click Order at the top of your map

  • Drag the dots next to each Stop into your desired arrangement

  • Click Calculate to finalize the Route

Assign the Route

Default Assignment

All Routes are assigned to the Dispatcher when they are created. This means the Dispatcher will be able to see the Route on their mobile device, until the Route is re-assigned to a Driver.

Routes can only be re-assigned from the Dispatcher web app.

To change assignment, click Assign. To view the current assignment, check the Status Panel.

Assign to a Driver

In the Assignment Popup, you can change the assigned Driver, among other options. We recommend not assigning the Route until it is ready to run, to avoid sync issues later on.

You can also assign Routes from the Routes tab of the Dispatcher app. Just click the Route you wish to assign, and then select a Driver in the pop-up screen.

Track Progress

From the Map

As they go from Stop to Stop, Drivers will manually Check-In (and potentially leave notes) to indicate progress.

The Dispatcher account will receive periodic updates on Driver Check-Ins. Check on Routes by opening them in the Planner. If a Driver has all permissions enabled, you'll see them pop up as their icon on your screen.


If you'd like to keep an eye on multiple Drivers at once, open those Routes in Planner and toggle the Status Panel on. You'll see progress update in the bar trackers at the right of the page.

For a full list of Check-Ins throughout the day, check out the History tab.

...and that's it!

You're ready to run a basic Route. Check out other sections of the Flex support guide for Dispatching tips, or our mobile support guide for information on our iOS and Android apps.