Account and PRofile


Your RoadWarrior Flex account is set up when you register on the Flex site.

As a new RoadWarrior user signing up for Flex, you will register an email address (this will be the login for the Flex owner account), provide the Flex owner Dispatcher name, and if applicable choose a team domain name. The domain name will be used to create the username for any Driver accounts created later on, in the format Domain.UserName.

If you don't need additional Users at this time, select the solo option, where you can skip creating a domain name. You can always create one later if you choose to add Users.


Once your account is set up, access your profile by logging into the Web App and clicking the Profile Icon in the top right. Then, select Account.

Under Profile you can view and update your profile information such as email address, password, and domain.

Quota & Billing allows you to view your search and optimization quotas as well as billing information.