Subteams are useful to create individual Dispatcher accounts to keep route and stop data separate for each account, while keeping one monthly renewal for billing under the main Flex account. 

For example, if you have separate regions (North, South, East, West regions) and don't want to have overlapping data all on one account, you can create subteams for each region and have individual Dispatchers for each of those subteams to manage their own routes and drivers. 

Route and driver data will only be viewable for each individual subteam in the web app. For example, the South Dispatcher's route data will not be available for the North Dispatcher's account. 

Adding Subteams

To enable the subteam option, change the User Type to Multi-Team Manager 

Click the gear Settings icon from the left side menu 

*Only the main Flex Dispatcher account can add subteams

Select Display 

Locate the User Type option

Change to Multi-Team Manager

This will enable the Subteam page icon in the left side menu

Click the + icon at the top right to create a new subteam

Choose to add a new subteam or add an existing subteam 

To create a new subteam, fill out all the fields to create the subteam

The username/email address and password created here are what the subteam Dispatcher will use to log into the web app

If you are adding an existing subteam, enter in the username/email address and password for the subteam you want to add

Data from that existing Flex account will merge to the new subteam

Once you have created your new subteam, you can provide the Dispatcher of that subteam with the username and password you created for them. They can use this to log into the Flex web app to start adding driver accounts and creating routes for their own team of drivers

All data for each subteam will remain separate from the other subteam accounts.

All billing will be handled under the main Flex account for one monthly renewal.