Manage Subscription

Start a new RoadWarrior Flex Subscription

Start a new Flex subscription by navigating to the Flex website. Enter in your email address and select LET'S GO. 

If you would like to upgrade an existing RoadWarrior account instead, log in with your existing credentials and follow the prompts on the screen.

Register for Flex to create a new RoadWarrior Flex account. Follow the prompts on the screen to enter in your payment method and set up your Flex account. 

Your payment method will be charged $14.99 USD immediately upon creating your Flex account. 

Manage Driver Accounts

You can manage Driver accounts by simply adding or removing accounts from the Driver tab of the Web App.

Upgrade from Pro to Flex RoadWarrior

To upgrade a Pro account to Flex, you first have to cancel your Pro subscription from auto-renewing, as Flex and Pro subscriptions are managed through separate systems. Learn how to cancel Pro here

Once your Pro auto-renewal is canceled, navigate to the Flex website and log in with your existing credentials (do not register a new account, as this will not transfer your existing data into Flex)--the web app will guide you through the rest.

Cancel your RoadWarrior Flex Subscription

You can manage your subscription renewal directly from the web app.

Select your profile icon at the top right of the page and select Account

Then, select Quota & Billing

At the bottom of the page, click Cancel Auto-Renewal, your subscription will not renew at the end of the month. 

Make sure to confirm the cancellation. You will retain Flex access until the date of renewal.