Creating Users

Users are separate from the Flex owner account, with their own logins and permissions. 

Each User account has the same one device limit as any other RoadWarrior account, so we recommend one account per person or truck on your team to avoid device limit or sync issues.

Create User accounts from the Users tab in the web app. 

Click the plus sign icon at the top-right of the page to add a User

Note: If you previously signed up as a Solo user and don't see the User tab, re-enable Dispatcher mode by going to Settings > Display > User Type, then selecting Team Dispatcher.

Select Continue to move forward with creating a User account. 

Note: Your account will be billed immediately for the User's creation, then will be automatically included in your monthly bills after that point. The rate for each User is $14.99USD/month.

Assign your User a Username (ex. flexdemo.warrior) and Password. They will use these credentials in the format Domain.UserName to log in.

Unlike other RoadWarrior accounts, only the Flex account owner can manage User passwords--so if they get locked out, you must reset their password through the web app