Panel Views

The RoadWarrior Flex Planner now comes with multiple customizable panels to cycle between throughout your day. These panels are:

  • Map - view one Route at a time in map view, plus any Favorites and Tasks in the region

  • List - view one Route at a time as a list, with tabs including itinerary, Stops, Favorites, and Tasks

  • Pin - view the details of one Pin (Stop, Favorite, or Task) at a time in the side-panel

  • Status - view a summary of all currently open Routes and their assignment/completion statuses

Choose to have one panel open at a time or maximize efficiency by having any combination of panels open. Change your panel views by editing your Panel Visibility.

Select the Panel Views icon at the top right of your screen.

Select the Panel Visibility options you want to view at any given time.

Map Panel

The Map Panel shows a view of the Map with Stop, Favorite, and Task icons appearing on the map.

Note: if you are not seeing Stop, Favorite, or Task icons, you may have a filter enabled in data layers. Learn more about data layers here.

Select the gear icon on the right side of the map to view Map Options.

Choose from the following Map Options (see images below):

  • Map Style

    • Street View or Satellite View

  • Show Traffic Flow

  • Show Traffic Incidents

Satellite View

Traffic Flow

View the flow of traffic with green, yellow, and red lines to indicate light, medium, and heavy traffic flow.

Traffic Incidents

View traffic incidents, such as road closures and construction zones in your region on the map.

Hover over the icons on the map to view information about the construction zone or road closure.

List Panel

The Itinerary List presents the route flow for the selected Route from start the finish including Stop address information as well as drive and estimated arrival times.

View a list of the Stops on the selected Route.

View a list of all your Favorites.

Learn more about Favorites here.

View of list of al your Tasks.

Learn more about Tasks here.

Pin Panel

View detailed Stop information when selecting a specific Stop pin by enabling the Pin Panel view.

Access Stop Actions from the Pin Panel such as Edit, Delete, Mark First/Final, etc.

Status Panel

While building out a Route in Planner, keep an eye on any in-progress Routes by enabling the Status Panel.

Once your Drivers are all on the road, maximize Status View by disabling all other panel views to easily keep an eye on progress throughout the day.

View the specific number of completed check-ins by hovering over the Progress Bar of any Route.