Proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery features are now available for Flex accounts in the Flex Add-on marketplace! Sign into your Flex account and visit the Add on Marketplace to add proof of delivery to your account. 

Flex Dispatchers can set proof of delivery requirements on stops for photo AND signature collection via the web app. 

Drivers can now collect photos and signatures* to fulfill those proof of delivery requirements via the mobile app. 

View and access those collected photos and signatures later on via the web app for up to 2 years! 

Sign up for Proof of Delivery

Sign into your Flex account

Click the Add on Marketplace icon from the left side menu to enter the marketplace 

Select Add to Plan under the Proof of Delivery Add-On 

View the charges this add-on will make to your monthly renewal as well as any fees due upon purchase before confirming the purchase

Select Proceed to Checkout if everything looks correct 

Select Place your Order to complete the add-on purchase

Default Proof of Delivery Settings

Set a default setting for proof of delivery to be added to all new stops

Select the Settings gear icon from the left side menu 

Select the Proof of Delivery option at the bottom

You can select photo and/or signature requirements for proof of delivery 

Be sure to Apply your changes 

Now, whenever you add a new stop to a route, your default proof of delivery requirement will automatically be applied! 

Edit Photo & Signature requirements 

You always have the option to edit any proof of delivery requirements that have been set

Right click on a stop pin on the map and select Edit Stop 

Under Proof of Delivery, make any changes to the requirements 

Be sure to Save your changes! 

Collect Photo Proof of Delivery

Drivers in the mobile app will navigate and check-in to stops as usual 


Once a driver clicks check-in on a stop, the proof of delivery prompts will appear

Click the camera icon to access your camera to take a photo 

Or, browse photo gallery to add a previously taken photo

Snap a photo and click Use Photo to continue 

Choose to Add another photo or add check-in comments

Click Done to complete the check-in

Collect Signature Proof of Delivery (iOS only)

To collect a Signature, click Sign on the proof of delivery prompt

Have the recipient sign their name on the line 

Select Done

Add any check-in comments and click Done to complete the check-in

View Proof of Delivery Collected

Once a stop has been checked in by the driver and proof of delivery collected, that data will sync back to the web app

Right click on a checked-in stop that has proof of delivery collected 

Select View Full Stop 

Under Currently checked in, view what requirements were collected and the time of the check-in

Click this currently checked in option to view the check-in

View the check-in information including photos and signatures that were collected for proof of delivery

View any check-in comments that were left by the driver

Edit Proof of Delivery Collected

To edit the check-in (add or delete photos/signatures), click the pencil icon

Hover over the thumbnail of the photo or signature and click Edit Photos

Choose to Add a Photo from your computer, or delete photos that were already added to this check-in