Assigning Routes to Drivers

We recommend waiting until a Route is completely built to assign it to your Drivers, to avoid double notifications and prevent them from accidentally setting out on a Route that isn’t ready. Click here to learn how to create a Route.

Once your Route is set up, click Assign in the stepper at the top of map view.

Then select Change Assigned Driver from the Assignment Picker popup.

Once the correct Driver is set, click Apply, and your Driver should receive a notification on their device that a new Route is waiting for them.

You will either receive a confirmation that the notification was delivered, or an error message explaining the issue that occurred.

My Driver isn't receiving push notifications, what do I do now?

If your Driver didn’t receive a notification, check your phone’s device settings to make sure push notifications are enabled. Find instructions on how to do this on iOS devices or on Android devices.

Drivers must have a data connection for push notifications to come through.

If they missed the notification but are connected to the internet, they should be able to perform a manual sync from the bottom of their open side-menu in the app.

Can I assign two Drivers to the same Route?

Only one Driver can be assigned to a Route at a time. RoadWarrior is designed this way to avoid data conflicts. If you’d like two Drivers to have access to the same Route, you can duplicate your Route and assign one Driver to each copy.