Spreadsheet Upload

Flex users have the ability to bulk upload Stops, Favorites, and Tasks using the spreadsheet upload tool.

Select the Uploads tab from the left side navigation.

Zoom in on the map to adjust the view so that it encompasses where your locations are located. This helps to improve accuracy.

Select Next.

Select the settings gear icon at the top right for Upload Settings.

Choose whether you want to Upload to a New Route, Upload to Favorites, or Upload to Tasks.

Looking for FedEx integration? Visit our FedEx Help Guide.

Download our required template here if you haven't already and input your data.

Upload your saved spreadsheet template.

Note: file must be saved and uploaded as an Excel .xlsx file. See below for other spreadsheet requirements.

Note: download our legacy template here.

Review uploaded information and select Complete Upload.

Choose to view your New Route, Favorites, or Tasks. Or, choose to Upload More.

Upload Requirements

Your file must be formatted according to the template here, also available on the upload feature in Flex. This allows RoadWarrior to identify and read the address information in your spreadsheet. You must not change the order of the columns or add/remove columns.

Do not modify the header row (row 1)--this row gives important information to our system that helps categorize the data.

Required Columns

In general, the required columns have a green header; the rest are supplementary. Required columns, along with any notes, are listed below:

Name - identifier for the address. Most commonly, this will be the resident/point of contact at your Stop

Building/House Number - numerical part of street address

Street Name - street part of street address




Country - see list of country codes on the second sheet of the Excel template

*If you add the city and state, you do not need a postal code; if you add a postal code, you do not need the city/state information.

Optional Columns

Color - the color of the Stop or Favorite pin when uploaded. When left blank, the addresses will upload to your account’s default colors. See list of colors on the second sheet of the Excel template

Phone - phone number for your contact

Note - any pertinent information you would like to add to your Route. If you use hashtag filtering, this is the place to include those hashtags.

Latitude & Longitude - you can use coordinate values, instead of addresses, to define your Stops. Any values here will override the address.

  • When filling out this column, opt for decimal degrees (ex. 40.0150, -105.2705) rather than degrees, minutes, and seconds (ex. 40 0 54 N, 105 16 14 W)

Stopover/Visit Time - the number of time in minutes you expect to spend at each Stop. This will be calculated into your total Route travel time.

Upload Troubleshooting

If you attempt an upload and it doesn’t go through, make sure you read the text in the pop-up, which will provide details on what needs to be adjusted for a successful upload!

Here are a few troubleshooting tips for the most common issues if you get stuck:

  1. Header Error - make sure your header row is unmodified from the original template

  • Even if you leave a column blank, you should not delete the full column

  1. Geocoding Error - take a look at the row # if a geocoding error appears, and locate the site on your spreadsheet

  • Make sure the address is typed correctly by comparing the address to Google Maps

  1. File Type Incompatible - RoadWarrior is only compatible with .xlsx documents at this time

  • Convert any .xls or .csv files to .xlsx, with the proper header rows, before uploading

Upload Methods

You have the option to upload in three ways; to favorites, to a new route, or as tasks.

1. Upload to Favorites

This option allows you to add locations as Favorites, which are locations that are saved for future use. Your Favorites will appear as stars in the Planner view after you upload. This is a great option if you are uploading addresses that you may use again on future routes.

2. Upload to New Route

This option allows you to directly add your locations as Stops on a new route. They are not added as Favorites so they aren’t saved for use in a future route. Many users utilize this option when they have a route that changes each day and they do not plan to use the stops again.

3. Upload to Tasks

This option is useful if you have a number of stops that you want to divide into different routes, but want to bulk upload all at once.

How to Upload Using Google Sheets

  1. Log into your RoadWarrior Flex account. Use the left sidebar menu to get to the upload tool.

  2. Where it says download the template files: click 'excel template' and save that file to somewhere you can find it later.

  3. Open http://drive.google.com. In the upper-left hand corner click the red box that says “New" and click "File Upload." Select the file you downloaded earlier called “Rw.Location.Upload.xlsx.”

  4. Open Google Docs to “Sheets” https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets, then click the “Open File Picker” button in the upper right corner. Click the “Upload” tab, and select the file you downloaded earlier called “Rw.Location.Upload.xlsx.”

  5. Fill in your addresses (do not change the very top row of information) for all of the bolded headings.

  6. Click “File,” scroll over “Download as,” and select “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).”

  7. Go back to Flex Upload, find your new spreadsheet and upload that to the tool. Now you're all done!